Thank you for visiting my site. My photography is predominately nature and scapes, and I tend to be drawn to water. You will find many images from around the Townsville and North Queensland region, but also from my visits to other parts of the world.

This love of photography for me is a sense of being “lost” in the moment, immersed in my environment, while capturing snippets of the life around me. I especially savour the peace of a sunrise but feel contentment whenever I take the time to truly appreciate and be at one with my surrounds.

Dogs also play an important role in my life so you will also find an array of dog images within this site. I enjoy trying to capture the spirit both of my own and other dogs that have touched my life in various ways.

Whatever drew you to this site, I hope you find images here that you can enjoy and savour.
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Also a special thank you to my good friend, Dan Cunningham for my profile photo.